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                Corporate Values | Corning

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                Corning is guided by an enduring set of Values that defines our relationship with employees, customers, and our communities.

                Total Quality is the guiding principle of Corning's business life. It requires each of us, individually and in teams, to understand, anticipate, and surpass the expectations of our customers. Total Quality demands continuous improvement in all our processes, products, and services. Our success depends on our ability to learn from experience, to embrace change, and to achieve the full involvement of all our employees.

                Integrity is the foundation of Corning's reputation. We have earned the respect and trust of people around the world through more than a century of behavior that is honest, decent, and fair. Such behavior must continue to characterize all our relationships, both inside and outside the Corning network.

                Providing Corning shareholders a superior long-term return on their investment is a business imperative. This requires that we allocate our resources to ensure profitable growth, maintain an effective balance between today and tomorrow, deliver what we promise, and tie our own rewards directly to our performance.

                Corning is a leader, not a follower. Our history and our culture impel us to seek a leadership role in our markets, our multiple technologies, our manufacturing processes, our management practices, and our financial performance. The goods and services we produce are never merely ordinary and must always be truly useful.

                Corning leads primarily by technical innovation and shares a deep belief in the power of technology. The company has a history of great contributions in science and technology, and it is this same spirit of innovation that has enabled us to create new products and new markets, to introduce new forms of corporate organization, and to seek new levels of employee participation. We embrace the opportunities inherent in change, and we are confident in our ability to help shape the future.

                Corning cherishes — and will defend — its corporate freedom. That independence is our historic foundation. It fosters the innovation and initiative that has made our company great, and will continue to provide inspiration and energy to all parts of our network in the future.

                The Individual
                We know that in the end the commitment and contribution of all our employees will determine our success. Corning believes in the fundamental dignity of the individual. Our network consists of a rich mixture of people of diverse nationality, race, gender, and opinion, and this diversity will continue to be a source of our strength. We value the unique ability of each individual to contribute, and we intend that every employee shall have the opportunity to participate fully, to grow professionally, and to develop to his or her highest potential.

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